4m reduction on a monster London Plane. The tree is part of an old estate and has a protection order. Great climbing by all the guys. All completed in 2 days with another beech reduction thrown in. #arblife #holdertreeservices #treesurgery #treeclimbing @alex_fletch @arloool @jamiepuddicombe ...@zxrjim @jem_dotwork

Will be awkward getting in and out of the yard for the next few days. If you need to dump chip logs better to come early or later in the day

In need of extra help for the next few weeks if anyone is around. Climbers or groundies.

Mixture of larger machine work and also domestic

Give us a call or send a message

Many thanks


Who ever tipped half conifer brash/ half chip/logs in the middle of the yard contact me before i find out who you are on cctv tonight. No one else could tip after and you blocked the telehandler in. I only have a tip yard to help people out. You also owe us for dropping green waste. Everyone’s ...out grafting and no one could tip because you have a tiny brain

During this storm period unfortunately we will not be able to help with any storm damaged trees. We are flat out with our regular work. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Ready to start chipping again after clearing out the whole tree chip pile #biomass #treesurgery #holdertreeservices #arblife #heizohack #valtra

Well done Tai on amazing GCSE results. All the top grades. Well deserved after all the hard work you have put in over the years. Mum and me are really proud. No tree work for you 😂🙁x

HTS are taking greenwaste again. If you want to tip please message me £40+ Vat a load. We recycle everything through our slow speed shredder. #greenwasterecycling #holdertreeservices #treesurgeryuk

Large beech reduction carried out by the team today 🌳 Well done @alex_fletch @arloool @jpuddicombe_ & @rbw90

Big Saturday felling 3 trees. 1 Oak, a Lime and a heavily back leaning Beech tree. Great work by the team as always . Thanks @jpuddicombe_ for the photos #holdertreeservices #commercialtreeremoval #valtra #heizohack #881 #arblife🌳🌲

Failure on an Oak whilst felling. Luckily we had a winch on the tree and still went the right way. No signs of this on the outside at all. Lovely light reduction on a fantastic Oak which had suffered some limb failure. New 881 ready for some large jobs we are starting in the run up to Christmas ...#treesurgeryuk #holdertreeservices #treefailure #stormdamage #arb

#valtra #heizohack #fuelwood #holdertreeservices #arblife🌳🌲 #treesurgeryuk thanks @vision_and_you for the great photos

We will no longer be taking green waste at our yard. If anyone has any issue please give me a call. Unfortunately a few have ruined it for the many and we are not prepared to take the risk of breaking our kit/someone else’s.

Absolute weapon
We have been seriously impressed with this chipper/Tractor combo. This was before I had worked out the stress properly on its first day now running a lot smoother and the stress rarely comes in. The 215hp running it really helps. Great chip quality as well #heizohack #valtra ...#arblife🌳🌲 #treesurgeryuk #holdertreeservices

The end of a large job rigging down over a road in Midhurst. 4 large Beech trees removed for safety reason. If you need any large work undertaking please get in contact. This job was for another tree surgeon all done safely and efficiently #holdertreeservices #arblifestyle #treesurgeonsofinstagram ...#valtra

Our new setup coming in next week. If you need any contract chipping please get in contact. All remote control. At HTS we specialise in taking on jobs for other tree surgery companies be it large awkward takedown, machinery Jobs or consultation and reports. We have no sign writing and have an ...excellent record at promoting and upholding the reputations of other companies whilst delivering a good service.

Large Oak reduction today for @dan__howick 2m all over reduction and uplift. Great climb by @alex_fletch and @franciswildman and good all round effort by all the guys as per usual. At HTS we carry out a large amount of work for fellow tree surgeons. If you have any work you want completing safely ...and to a high standard get in contact. We have grown out customer base by consistently delivering a good service #holdertreeservices #arblife🌳🌲 #oaktree #treesurgery #contractclimbing

The new Predator 56 is turning out to be abit of a weapon. 2 large Beech stumps removed today. The new engine on the 56 is a big improvement from the 50 and certainly has more torque. Drinks a hell of a lot less fuel as well #holdertreeservices #predatorpower #stumpgrinding #arblife🌳🌲 ...#treesurgeryuk

HTS have just received our new Predator 56 tracked grinder. Thank you to @predatorpower for supplying the machine quickly so we could start getting our back log of grinding sorted. Always a great service from them and they have really helped us out. We can again offer our contract grinding to ...anyone that needs it just give us a call. #predatorpower #stumpgrinding #holdertreeservices #callforhire

Thank you everyone so far for your overwhelming support and generosity. I have been blown away by the response and I'm sorry I haven't had time to individually respond to all of you.

The reason I posted in the first place was to make sure that the people who did this are found ...and brought to justice and to highlight the major issue in our community with thefts and the lack of action taken against these individuals. The donations and support have been incredible and will seriously help us to get back to work, but currently it's not far off impossible for small businesses like ours to survive when the perpetrators of these crimes are allowed to act with impunity.

I'm trying to push this point to the police and the powers that be because without this pressure no one will be found and once again it will be brushed under the carpet. Unless things change, no matter how hard we try to rebuild (and we will through hard work and the help of others) this will happen again and again, not just to me but most tree surgery businesses and similar small businesses. So please if you can share this, write a letter to your MP, write a letter to the Sussex Police and crime commissioner or who ever you think needs to hear it, I believe it will start to change things. This isn't just about my business it's about our community.

Thanks again for all the support it just shows what everyone can do when they get together.


Today marks my 33rd Birthday. Currently the country is in a shit state. I have run my company for 5 1/2 years and me and the lads have worked tirelessly to make sure we are one of the best companies around. I have fought over seas for this country in the Royal Marines ( as has @jon_barnes_arb )and ...have medals for bravery for saving peoples lives/trying to save people. It is not possible for hard working people like us to make a living. This country is fucked there are too many shit people who are willing to rob you and destroy everything you have worked so hard for. The justice system is not hard enough or has the capacity to deal with these people. I have no enemies or people I don’t get on with. I don’t know how much we have lost yet buts it’s over 100K easy. This damage was all for hand held chainsaws. It’s likely someone has been burned trying to rob the saws so any information from anyone who has an idea would be kindly appreciated.Please can everyone share this as far as you can. Thank you to everyone who works with me your amazing lads and I have done the best I can and thank you to my amazing family. Love you all. Location-Cowfold, West Sussex #treesurgeryuk #stolen #holdertreeservices #stolentools #banditwoodchipper #predatorpower #forst #arblife🌳🌲 #uk #smallbusinessowner #birthday #robbed #arson

GREENWASTE-We are now taking green waste at our recycling yard in Cowfold. If anyone wants to start using this please email or call.
We will be charging per van or can sort a monthly fee which will save you money if you are tipping regularly. Unfortunately we don't have the room for ...fencing/waste wood and will not be taking soil. Chip and logs are still free to tip.
01444 316017
[email protected]
#holdertreeservices #recycling #greenwaste

20 Ash trees dropped, chipped and all timber removed from site #ashdieback #bandit #valtra #holdertreeservices #treesurgeryuk #arblifestyle

Loaded and ready to go!
#banditwoodchipper #holdertreeservices #commercialtreeremoval #treesurgeonlife #botex

All loaded and ready for Monday tree slaying. Cheers @brookerhaulage for getting both machines on #clearance #takeuchi #banditwoodchipper #holdertreeservices #tmktreeshears #trackedchipper #commercialtreework #treesurgerylife

Finally got a Bandit.
Off Monday to site clearance and will be available for hire after. Good for hard to reach areas and it's also on a turn table. #banditwoodchipper #holdertreeservices #globalrecycling #woodchipper #contractchipping #arblife🌳🌲 #treesurgeryuk

We have been helping out Ben Nicholson tree services today getting the arb climbing work done whilst working alongside the Sennebogen removing Ash trees. If you have any roadside work you need completing fast give us a call. Tomorrow we start another clearance site.
Yard is still available to ...drop timber and chip for free! #sennebogen #valtra #botex #arblife🌳🌲 #holdertreeservices #biomassfuel #treesurgerylife

Posting for a company we work with regularly. Great company and nice people to work with.
Based in the Shoreham but work all over SE

Ecological Contractors looking for someone who has countryside management/tree surgery background,
25 yrs+, driver, daily rate dependent on ...experience/qualifications – employed on casual labour basis.

Call Malcolm- 07715 491331 or email - [email protected]

Hoping for good things from this 194t and 161t!We have added another 500i aswell which I think is possibly the best saw currently around #msa161t #ms194t #ms500i #holdertreeservices #arblife #treesurgery

We now have exclusive use of a range of large kit from Ben Nicholson Tree Services. Please see video for the capability of the Sennebogen. If you have any large clearances or large take downs give us a call for a price. Can get a serious amount done in a day saving on Traffic management and labour.... Much safer as well!!!

Holder Tree Services take all woodchip and Logs for free at our yard in Cowfold. If you want to start dumping please let us know. All material is then moved on or processed for the biomass market. #biomass #renewablesenergy #heizohack #arblife🌳🌲

Nice domestic job today. All conifers removes and stumps ground out. Tidy job by the team #holdertreeservices #domestictreework #arblife🌳🌲 #predator360 #tidy

That’s the end of that site clearance. We were checking nests for birds and this doormouse ran over my helmet. Pleased we actually check areas before mulching! #holdertreeservices #siteclearance #arblife🌳🌲 #treesurgeryuk #ecology #doormouse

Few ongoing jobs before we hit some large site clearances. Large Oak reduction as well from today. Cheers to @dan__howick for the chipping. #siteclearance #holdertreeservices #commercialtreework #arblife🌳🌲 #teamwork

Big old beech reduction today over 5 gardens. Love reducing big Beech trees #holdertreeservices #domestictreesurgery #arblife🌳🌲

We will now take woodchip and logs for free at our yard in Cowfold. Please contact for details.
If you have timber we can also collect from local sites or from yards. Free for lengths over 3m, costs to pick up chip or cut up timber. We can also drop bins at your yard for a small fee to fill up... with timber.

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Ash Dieback Disease

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